Hosky Cash Grab NFT Number 300,000 Just Minted

Hosky Cash Grab NFT #300,000 was just minted to much fanfare. This is a huge accomplishment and sets a record for the most NFTs minted and sold by a developer on any blockchain. In fact, no other project even comes close.

Hosky Ecosystem Overview

The Hosky ecosystem is comprised of Hosky Tokens ($HOSKY), Hosky Cash Grab NFTs (CGs), and various utilitarian and artistic collaborations such as Hosky Stake Pools and the cross-chain Hosky/ERGnomes Gnomeskies NFTs.

A highly active Hosky community thrives on Discord, boasting more than 12,000 members. Combined with the anonymous dev’s 60,000 Twitter followers, you have quite an army of dedicated Hosky enthusiasts ready to mint and collect Hosky products at a moment’s notice.

Hosky Cash Grab NFTs

Hosky Cash Grab NFT #000001
Hosky Cash Grab NFT #000001

Hosky Cash Grab NFT #000001 was minted on December 3, 2021. It is a simple original fur, eyes, and mouth, on a cyan background, with double left rings, and a red collar with gold spikes in an Ikea frame.

This came just 8 months after the very first Cardano NFT, an Alessandro “Berry”, was minted. Since that time, Cardano digital art afficianados have pounded the Hosky printer with great enthusiasm.

Hosky Milestones

Hosky Cash Grab NFT #100,000
Hosky Cash Grab NFT #100,000

Hosky Cash Grab NFT #100,000 was minted on December 6, 2021. It is an original fur and mouth, with beatenup eyes, on a green background, with a viking hat, and no frame.

Hosky Cash Grab NFT #200,000
Hosky Cash Grab NFT #200,000

Hosky Cash Grab NFT #200,000 was minted on April 1, 2022. It is unique CG with elemental fire fur and elemental red eyes, on a fire red gradient background, with a Hosky fire elemental frame. It has been repeatedly listed in the Jpg.Store for between 5k ADA and 20k ADA, but has yet to find a buyer in that price-range.

Hosky Cash Grab NFT #300,000
Hosky Cash Grab NFT #300,000

Hosky’s most recent milestone, Cash Grab NFT #300,000, was minted on August 30, 2022. Hitting this number means the CGs alone have generated 2,070,000 ADA (300,000 x 6.9 ADA) in gross revenue for the Hosky devs. A tidy sum for 8-bit meme digital artwork.

Future Hosky Cash Grab NFTs v3

Hosky Cash Grab NFT v3 Trait Design
Hosky Cash Grab NFT v3 Trait Design

The Hosky CG printer will be offline for the next few weeks as the art team puts the finishing touches on v3 traits for the final series of Cash Grab NFTs to be offered under this Policy.

The Hosky Cash Grab Policy allows for 420,420 CGs to be minted and will lock on December 31, 2023. After that, no more Hoskies can be generated regardless of whether the max number has been reached. However, it is expected that the final CG, #420,420, will be printed well before the prescribed Policy end date.

So, what happens after the final Hosky Cash Grab NFT has been minted? Will the project leaders create another NFT series or develop more utility for the Hosky ecosystem? No one knows. Unfortunately, no roadmap or indication of future plans have been released. However, the ecosystem and community that have been created so far are such remarkable and valuable assets, it seems unlikely this project will be left to wither and die on the blockchain like so many others. We expect there will be more great things to come in the near future …

How To Mint Hosky NFT Cash Grabs

Hosky Cash Grab NFT Price
Hosky Cash Grab NFT Mint Price

When the Hosky NFT printer spins back up in a few weeks, you may want join in the fun and grab a piece of Cardano NFT history for yourself. Here is how you can mint your own Hosky Cash Grab NFT for only 6.9 ADA:

  • Load your Cardano wallet with at least 6.9 ADA (plus a little extra for transaction fees).
  • Send 6.9 ADA (or one of the amounts listed above) to the following Cardano handle: $cashgrabnft.
  • That’s it! Your Hosky Cash Grab NFT will automatically be sent to your wallet when the printer spins back up.


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