Hosky Mega-Airdrops Free Special Gnomeskies NFTs

Hosky just completed a Mega-Airdrop of free “special” Gnomeskies NFTs to random Cardano wallets that held regular Hosky/ERGnomes Gnomeskies as of the blockchain snapshot taken on June 9th, 2022. Hosky and ERGnomes said they were going to do it, the natives started to get restless in anticipation, and Hosky went big … really BIG.

What Are Hosky/ERGnomes Gnomeskies “Specials”?

Gnomeskies are a cross-chain collaboration of collectible NFTs that reside on the Cardano blockchain. Basically, a mash-up of Hosky’s record breaking doggo CashGrab NFTs and ERGnomes wildly popular character driven Gnome NFTs from the Ergo blockchain. The new special Gnomeskies just airdropped were created to say thank you to the Hosky community for showing such vigilant support by collectively purchasing more than 1,000 regular Gnomeskies. Truly, a successful collaboration …

How Many Special Gnomeskies NFTs Were Airdropped?

Gnomeskies Special 420 Jointskies NFT
Gnomeskies Special 420 Jointskies NFT

In all, Hosky airdropped 225 special Gnomeskies NFTs to prior holders. 8 Uncommon 420-Jointskies were delivered along with 23 Common 420-Jointskies, 8 Uncommon 420-Tripskies, 27 Common 420-Tripskies, and 159 Special Holiday July 4th Gnomes.

Prior to the mega-airdrop, only 2 Uncommon 420-Jointskies, 20 Common 420-Jointskies, 0 Uncommon 420-Tripskies, 19 Common 420-Tripskies, and 23 4th of July Gnomeskies had been minted. Accordingly, this is a huge windfall for early purchasers of the regular Hosky/ERGnomes Gnomeskies.

Are Hosky/ERGnomes Gnomeskies “Specials” Worth Anything?

Gnomeskies Specials NFTs Secondary Market
Gnomeskies Specials NFTs Secondary Market

Yes. As a collectible, given their rarity, the special Gnomskies command a price premium and regularly sell for more than 150 ADA. In addition, they have utility value boasting a 5x multiplier for Hosky Token rewards when held in a wallet that is delegated to a Hosky Stake Pool. At the time of writing, that bonus provides special Gnomeskies holders with approximately 5 million Hosky Tokens per epoch.

420 Jointskies and Tripskies Discontinued

In addition to the mega-airdrop, Hosky announced that the special 420 Jointskies and Tripskies Gnomes would be retired. As they were a comparatively short-lived offering, this will serve to maintain their rarity in the collection leaving only 10 Uncommon 420-Jointskies, 43 Common 420-Jointskies, 8 Uncommon 420-Tripskies, and 46 Common 420-Tripskies minted in total.


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