Hosky Stake Pools And How To Pick The Best One

Hosky is a digital asset ecosystem that lives on the Cardano blockchain in the form of Hosky Tokens (the cryptocurrency) and Hosky NFTs (the digital art). Staking is a way to earn rewards by holding cryptocurrencies and/or utility NFTs in a staking wallet and delegating that wallet to a Stake Pool. The following is a list of all 17 Hosky Stake Pools and advice regarding how to pick the best one for your wallet.

What Is A Hosky Stake Pool?

A Hosky Stake Pool is a Cardano Stake Pool that offers rewards for staking Cardano ADA and/or Hosky NFTs. As with a regular Cardano Stake Pool, ADA rewards are paid based upon the amount of ADA staked. What sets Hosky Stake Pools apart, is that they also pay Hosky Token ($HOSKY) rewards: 1) on the amount of ADA staked, and 2) on any Hosky NFTs held in the the staked wallet. In short, you are getting 2 sets of rewards (ADA and Hosky Tokens) for the same ADA staked in addition to Hosky Token rewards for your digital art collection.

How Do I Begin Staking With A Hosky Stake Pool?

The steps to staking with a Hosky Stake Pool are simple:

  1. Set up a Cardano wallet and fill it with Cardano ADA and Hosky NFTs.
  2. Choose a Hosky Stake Pool.
  3. Delegate your Cardano wallet to that Hosky Stake Pool.
  4. Wait for Cardano ADA and Hosky Token rewards to accrue.
  5. Receive Cardano ADA rewards automatically.
  6. Pull Hosky Token rewards from the Hosky Rug Pool server.

Which Cardano Wallet Should I Use For Staking?

Any Cardano Wallet can be used to stake your ADA and Hosky NFTs. If you already have a Cardano wallet that you prefer, feel free to use it. However, our favorite wallet, by far, is the Cardano light-wallet Eternl. Therefore, to make the process easier to understand, we will be using the Eternl Cardano wallet for demonstration purposes throughout this article.

Which Hosky Stake Pool Should I Choose?

There are 17 official Hosky Stake Pools from which to choose. The Stake Pool that is best for you is typically decided by considering 1) the amount of rewards paid by the various Hosky Stake Pool operators, and 2) your Hosky NFTs’ traits.

If your wallet contains mostly Cardano ADA, you want a pool that pays high rewards on ADA. If it contains mostly Hosky NFTs, you want a pool that pays high rewards on NFTs. A wallet that contains a balance of both, will likely seek a Hosky Stake Pool that offers a similar reward balance.

With regard to Hosky NFT traits, a 2x trait-matching bonus is applied to your Hosky NFT rewards whenever one of a Hosky Stake Pool’s assigned trait list matches one of the traits on your Hosky NFT. For example, one of A3C Stake Pool’s bonus traits is pink fur … if one of your Hosky NFTs has pink fur and is staked with A3C, your rewards for that NFT will be doubled.

A sophisticated delegator will consider creating multiple wallets. Doing so allows you to stake your ADA with a Hosky Stake Pool that offers high rewards on ADA while staking your Hosky NFTs in various Pools according to their trait-matching bonuses. Such a solution is slightly more complicated to implement, but, ultimately, the best way to ensure maximum rewards.

Hosky Stake Pools Rewards Charts

These Rewards Charts list the amount of Hosky Token rewards available to delegators staking at one of the official Hosky Stake Pools. They are published after each epoch (every 5 days), as soon as the Hosky Rug Pool Doggie Bowl has opened and the Hosky devs have provided the reward data.

[Epoch 375] · [Epoch 374] · [Epoch 373] · [Epoch 372] · [Epoch 371] · [Epoch 370] · [Epoch 369] · [Epoch 368] · [Epoch 367] · [Epoch 366] · [Epoch 365] · [Epoch 364] · [Epoch 363] · [Epoch 362] · [Epoch 361] · [Epoch 360] · [Epoch 359] · [Epoch 358] · [Epoch 357] · [Epoch 356] · [Epoch 355] · [Epoch 354] · [Epoch 353] · [Epoch 352] · [Epoch 351] · [Epoch 350] · [Epoch 349] · [Epoch 348] · [Epoch 347] · [Epoch 346]

Hosky Stake Pools And Their NFT Traits

The following is a complete list of all 17 Hosky Stake Pools, a short bio on the devs running the Pool, and any additional rewards and bonuses they offer as an incentive to use their staking services:

[A3C] A3C Crypto Club

Hosky Stake Pool A3C
A3C Contact Info

A3C: Website
A3C: Twitter

A3C Bio

A3C’s MISSON = Assist Cardano with banking the unbanked by donating 1/2 of our personal margin rewards to kiva.org & help the community by offering free Crypto advice/support via our Community Support Portal, Twitter & YouTube. Our goal is to be 100% green through Tesla Solar Roof & Starlink when available in our area.

A3C NFT Traits

Cash Grab Traits: Pink Fur, Late Night, Big Mustache, Crown, Blue Collar, Visor Dead, Damien Hirst
Gnomeski Traits: Classic

A3C Staking Rewards
  • Cardano ADA ($ADA), Hosky Tokens ($HOSKY), Indigo Tokens ($INDY), and Kerb Tokens ($KERB).
  • Random monthly airdrops of up to 400 ADA.

[BONE] Bone Pool

Hosky Stake Pool BONE
Bone Contact Info

BONE: Website
BONE: Twitter


Our aim is to promote decentralization, one small bone in the skeleton supporting the future. I have a discord set up for helping anyone new to the space learn the lingo and get acclimated to this new style of wallets and addresses. This also takes a lot of help from my business partner Krista, who is the tech wizard behind the server hardware. We have been in the pool space from the ITN days, and ultimately, aim to help decentralize the network.


Cash Grab Traits: Baby Blue, Poo, Tongue Out, Police Cyber Hosky, Check Mate, Hmmm, Holographic Hat
Gnomeski Traits: Taco

BONE Staking Rewards
  • Cardano ADA ($ADA) and Hosky Tokens ($HOSKY).

[CHEF] Chef Pool

Hosky Stake Pool CHEF
CHEF Contact Info

CHEF: Website
CHEF: Twitter


An actual chef and a tech guy who happen to be brothers, had the idea of creating the chef-pool. Our stake pool aims to be a part in decentralizing all transactions and support the Cardano project. We have been involved with Cardano since 2017 and we are truly passionate about the change that can bring to our future, banking and the overall financial system.


Cash Grab Traits: Bear, Blue, Pizza, Miner, Gold Glasses, Lunar New Year Gold, Black Lunar New Year Hat
Gnomeski Traits: Idiot

CHEF Staking Rewards

Cardano ADA ($ADA) and Hosky Tokens ($HOSKY).


Hosky Stake Pool FARM
FARM Contact Info

FARM: Website
FARM: Twitter


An independent Cardano Stakepool, operated by an enterprising farmer from a small Scottish Island. For reliability and connectivity two servers are located in a Tier 3 datacentre in London (United Kingdom) and another in Kansas City (USA), powered 100% by renewable energy.

ADA Farm is here to help grow the decentralisation of Cardano network and bring delegation rewards to regular ADA hodlers. You stay in control of your funds by delegating straight from your Daedalus wallet. By supporting ADA Farm you help to increase the strength, security and decentralization of the Cardano network. the Owner of ADA Farm has pledged never to own more than one pool and is a member of the Cardano Single Pool Alliance (CSPA).


Cash Grab Traits: Gold, Khaki, Flaming Hot, Robin Hood, Blue Collar Gold Spikes, Visor Beam, Poo, Fireplace
Gnomeski Traits: Hunter

FARM Staking Rewards
  • Cardano ADA ($ADA) and Hosky Tokens ($HOSKY).

[FIKA] Fika Pool

Hosky Stake Pool FIKA
FIKA Contact Info

FIKA: Website
FIKA: Twitter


An energy efficient hydro-powered pool with nodes worldwide. Our mission is to drive Chinese-speaking investors to Cardano.


Cash Grab Traits: Tiger Fur, Yellow, Stud Right, Trucker, Lennon, Astronaut, Sad-ish, Gold Tiger, Imagine Dragons, Panda
Gnomeski Traits: Rug Merchant

FIKA Staking Rewards
  • Cardano ADA ($ADA) and Hosky Tokens ($HOSKY).

[HERO] Hero Stake Pool

Hosky Stake Pool HERO
HERO Contact Info

HERO: Website
HERO: Twitter


We are a Cardano Stake Pool that is committed to helping change the world into a better place for all. We will donate 10% of all rewards each quarter to First Responders Children’s Foundation. 


Cash Grab Traits: Blue Dog, Gray, Goatee, Hero, Red Collar Gold Spikes, Visor Meh, Wood, Red Wooly Hat, Bowtie, Blue Wooly Hat, Hero 2
Gnomeski Traits: NFT Guru/Pernis

HERO Staking Rewards
  • Cardano ADA ($ADA) and Hosky Tokens ($HOSKY).

[ITZA] Chichen Itza Latin Stake Pools

Hosky Stake Pool ITZA
ITZA Contact Info

ITZA: Website
ITZA: Twitter


Tenemos como objetivo acercar los avances de innovación y tecnología de la tercera generación de Blockchains a los pueblos de América Latina y el Mundo. La revolución de las finanzas descentralizadas tira abajo las barreras de entradas propias de las finanzas tradicionales, reservadas para unos pocos. Al delegar tus criptomonedas no solo ganas por la apreciación de las mismas, sino también obtienes un ingreso pasivo como recompensa a tu participación en la creación de bloques.


Cash Grab Traits: Senor Josqui, Mint, Double Stud Left, Viking, Laser Viser, Silver, Elf Hat
Gnomeski Traits: Taco

ITZA Staking Rewards
  • Cardano ADA ($ADA) and Hosky Tokens ($HOSKY).

[JACK] Jack’s Cardano Friends Pool

Hosky Stake Pool JACK
JACK Contact Info

JACK: YouTube
JACK: Twitter


I make content on Cardano & cryptocurrency, subscribe if you want to watch me talk to a camera in my mom’s basement about magic internet money frequently.


Cash Grab Traits: Oscar, Peach, Right Ring, McDonald’s, Blue Laser, Playing Card
Gnomeski Traits: McHosky

JACK Staking Rewards
  • Cardano ADA ($ADA) and Hosky Tokens ($HOSKY).

[PRIDE] Stake With Pride

Hosky Stake Pool PRIDE
PRIDE Contact Info

PRIDE: Website
PRIDE: Twitter


PRIDE is committed to provide value to delegators and the Cardano network by providing great ROI on your ADA, committing to being here for years to come, supporting decentralization, and being involved with the community.

PRIDE is a mission driven pool that donates to LGBTQIA+ non-profits, and is a member of the Cardano Single Pool Alliance. Every year PRIDE celebrates #CardanoPride. Thanks for supporting small single pools!


Cash Grab Traits: Doberman, Cyan, Rainbow Vomit, Black Lunar New Year Hat, Back To The Future, Wernis, Ooooo, Neckerchief
Gnomeski Traits: Classic

PRIDE Staking Rewards
  • Cardano ADA ($ADA), Hosky Tokens ($HOSKY), Ardana Tokens ($DANA), and Indigo Tokens ($INDY).

[PSB] Psilobyte Cardano Pool

Hosky Stake Pool PSB
PSB Contact Info

PSB: Website
PSB: Twitter


Canadian baremetal ADA Stake Pool with focus on driving Cardano adoption and helping the community. STAKE with [PSB] and enjoy our low 1% var. fees and WMT tokens promo.

PSB NFT Traits

Cash Grab Traits: Hoskasaur, Prison, Stud Left, Red Lunar New Year Hat, 3D Gloss, Lunar New Year Wave, Happy
Gnomeski Traits: McHosky

PSB Staking Rewards
  • Cardano ADA ($ADA), Hosky Tokens ($HOSKY), and World Mobile Tokens ($WMT).

[PSYA] Psychedelic Cardano Stake Pool

Hosky Stake Pool PSYA
PSYA Contact Info

PSYA: Website
PSYA: Twitter


Stake with Psychedelic ADA Stake Pool and at the same time support psychedelic research and plant medicine projects. Earn 4-5% yearly revenue and more staking rewards on the top such as Ardana – DANA and Hosky tokens. We are also running our Cardano stake pool servers on renewable energy and planting trees every month.


Cash Grab Traits: Yellow Dog, Red, Crumpet, Spin Top, Upside Down, Frosty, Santa Hat, McDonald’s Manager
Gnomeski Traits: Cheshire

PSYA Staking Rewards
  • Cardano ADA ($ADA), Hosky Tokens ($HOSKY), and Ardana Tokens ($DANA).

[QCPOL] QCPOL Cardano Stake Pool

Hosky Stake Pool QCPOL
QCPOL Contact Info

QCPOL: Website
QCPOL: Twitter


We have over 20 combined years of experience in IT, primarily in software development and operations development (DevOps), but also in systems administration and database management. We have all the knowledge and tools necessary to ensure continuous service of QCPOL Stake Pool.


Cash Grab Traits: Hoskrogu, Sunset, Double Stud Right, Cigar, Captain, Red Collar, Visor, Pernis, Chain
Gnomeski Traits: Cheshire

QCPOL Staking Rewards
  • Cardano ADA ($ADA) and Hosky Tokens ($HOSKY).

[SALT] Salt Pool

Hosky Stake Pool SALT
SALT Contact Info

SALT: Website
SALT: Twitter


OG Stake Pool Operator. Low fees and low latency. Located in beautiful SLC, UT – Est. 2019.


Cash Grab Traits: Hosky Droid, Purple, Double Left Rings, Top Hat Blue, 3D Glasses, Candy Cane, Tiger Hat, Micky

SALT Staking Rewards
  • Cardano ADA ($ADA) and Hosky Tokens ($HOSKY).

[SEA] Seaside Staking

Hosky Stake Pool SEA
SEA Contact Info

SEA: Website
SEA: Twitter


Seaside Staking is an independent, efficient, family-run stake pool providing affordable staking.

SEA NFT Traits

Cash Grab Traits: Holographic, Navy, Snorkle, Silver Crown, Eye Patch Right, Red Laser, Test Card, Reindeer, Eye Patch Left
Gnomeski Traits: Yacht/Playboy

SEA Staking Rewards
  • Cardano ADA ($ADA) and Hosky Tokens ($HOSKY).

[VEGAS] Vegas Pool

Hosky Stake Pool VEGAS
VEGAS Contact Info

VEGAS: Website
VEGAS: Twitter


A professionally operated Cardano ADA Pool by a veteran I/T Solutions Architect with over 30+ years of experience in I/T. The Pool is operated on Bare Metal (dedicated) servers hosted from a home office environment, maintaining the ideology of true decentralisation of the blockchain; i.e. avoiding the simple and easy cloud hosting option, owned and managed by large corporations, where many pools exist today. This ensures avoidance of any third party interference, assurance that a large scale outage would not affect our operation and maximisation of profit by reducing overall costs (i.e. we bought our hardware up front rather than paying a monthly fee).


Cash Grab Traits: Radioactive Pink, Baby Blue, Cigarette, Flat Peak, Green Laser, Fairy Lights, Meh, Lunar New Year Blue, Vegas
Gnomeski Traits: Vegas/English

VEGAS Staking Rewards
  • Cardano ADA ($ADA) and Hosky Tokens ($HOSKY).

[WOOF] Woof! Cardano Stake Pool

Hosky Stake Pool Woof
WOOF Contact Info

WOOF: Website
WOOF: Twitter


WOOF is an IT pro helping to grow Cardano by writing code and documentation. WOOF is for animal lovers. We donate a portion of pool rewards to homeless animal charities. We are a proud member of the Single Pool Alliance.


Cash Grab Traits: Joker, Green, Double Right Rings, Bone, Sweatband, Thug Life, Pernis vs Wernis, Blood Poo, Hawaiian, Snowfall, Beige
Gnomeski Traits: Idiot

WOOF Staking Rewards
  • Cardano ADA ($ADA) and Hosky Tokens ($HOSKY).

How Do I Stake With A Hosky Stake Pool?

To stake with a Hosky Stake Pool, you simply delegate your Cardano wallet to one of the above-listed Pools. Unlike a savings account where you are required to hand over your money to a bank, a Stake Pool never takes possession of your cryptocurrency or NFTs. Your digital assets stay secure in your wallet the entire time, and may be removed or delegated to another Stake Pool whenever you wish.

Staking Your ADA With A Hosky Stake Pool

Delegating To A Hosky Stake Pool
Delegating To A Hosky Stake Pool

Staking your Cardano ADA with a Hosky Stake Pool is as simple as clicking a button. After choosing a Hosky Stake Pool from the list above, simply navigate to the Staking section in your wallet, enter the Stake Pool’s ticker (ie. A3C or whichever Pool’s ticker you choose), click the “Delegate” button, and the sign the transaction. Remember, your ADA is not leaving your wallet, you are simply selecting a Pool that will pay you rewards for the amount of cryptocurrency and NFTs that you hold.

Staking Your Hosky NFTs With A Hosky Stake Pool

Hosky NFTs
Staking Your Hosky NFTs

Staking your Hosky NFTs with a Hosky Stake Pool is even easier. Simply transfer your NFTs to a Cardano wallet that is already being delegated to a Hosky Stake Pool. The Hosky servers will automatically scan your wallet, identify all of your Hosky NFTs and their traits, and calculate the amount of rewards due for each epoch. Once the NFTs are in your wallet, you don’t need to do anything else until it’s time to collect!

How Long Until I Receive My Hosky Stake Pool Rewards?

Cardano ADA rewards and Hosky Token rewards are usually paid with 24 hours after the end of each epoch (every 5 days). Your ADA rewards will be automatically deposited into your Cardano wallet, while your Hosky Token rewards must be claimed from the Hosky “Rug Pool” as discussed below.

How Much Hosky Stake Pool Rewards Will I Receive?

Hosky Token rewards for Cardano ADA and Hosky NFTs staked are in addition to the regular rewards you receive for staking Cardano ADA. Accordingly, you will receive 1) Cardano ADA rewards based solely upon the amount of ADA you have staked, and 2) Hosky Token rewards based upon the amount of ADA and Hosky NFTs held in your staking wallet. You may also receive various token rewards and promotional airdrops from your Stake Pool operator.

Cardano ADA rewards are typically between 4% to 6% annually.

As of this writing, Hosky Token reward rates for Hosky NFTs are significantly higher. In fact, when converted to ADA at today’s rates, Hosky Token rewards are approximately 100% annually. Although, that amount is slowly shrinking as more people delegate to Hosky Stake Pools. The exact amount of rewards you will receive can be calculated by reviewing our Rewards Charts at the end of each epoch.

How Do I Receive My ADA and Hosky Token Stake Pool Rewards?

Your Cardano ADA rewards will be automatically deposited directly into your Cardano wallet by your Stake Pool operator. There is absolutely nothing that you need to do.

To receive your Hosky Tokens rewards, you must send exactly 2 ADA to the Cardano handle $rugpool after the epoch has ended (once our Rewards Chart has been posted). Approximately 1.5 ADA will be returned to you with your Hosky Token rewards earned for that epoch.

* Please note that you must collect your Hosky Tokens rewards before the end of the following epoch if your rewards exceed 25,000,000 $HOSKY. If you fail to collect your rewards before the following epoch ends, you will lose them and they will be placed back into the Rug Pool pot to be redistributed to the pool of delegators at the end of the next epoch.

FAQs About Hosky Stake Pools

How many Hosky Stake Pools are there?

There are 17 official Hosky Stake Pools. You can choose to stake with just one or create multiple wallets to stake your Hosky NFTs in various pools according to their trait-matching bonuses.

How much ADA do I need to stake to participate in a Hosky Stake Pool?

As little as you want. There is no specific amount required to participate in a Hosky Stake Pool. Just pick a Pool, and delegate your Cardano wallet.

How long does it take to receive staking rewards from the Hosky Stake Pools?

Usually, rewards are transmitted on the blockchain to your wallet within 24 hours and received just minutes after that.


Cardano: Website
Hosky: Website
Eternl: Website