Hosky Token Selected For Blueshift Cardano Native Token Campaign

Blueshift opens its Cardano Native Token Campaign by recommending Hosky Tokens ($HOSKY) for inclusion in its ideal cryptocurrency investment portfolio. The Campaign will run from June 16, 2022 to June 30, 2022, and hopes to create a community-generated diverse cryptocurrency investment portfolio designed to highlight up and coming Cardano projects, provide liquidity to project developers, protect investors from pie-in-the-sky rug-pulls, and weather an ever-volatile cryptocurrency market.

What Are Hosky Tokens?

Hosky Token
Hosky Token

Hosky Tokens are non-fungible cryptocurrency that reside on the Cardano blockchain and are used to store and transfer value in the Cardano and Hosky ecosystems. Like other cryptocurrency coins, Hosky Tokens are stored in a standard Cardano wallet, traded on multiple exchanges, and can be obtained by purchasing on the open market or by staking Cardano and/or Hosky Cash Grab NFTs with one of the many Hosky Stake Pools, commonly known as Rug Pools.

Who Is Blueshift?

Blueshift is a portfolio-based asset management company that advises clients on Cardano-based cryptocurrency investments using proprietary software. The portfolio approach to cryptocurrency investment diversifies the risk by spanning multiple sectors and cryptocurrency projects to make the resulting collection more resilient and able to withstand the rise and fall of burgeoning projects and market volatility.

What Is The Cardano Native Token Campaign?

Cardano Native Token Campaign
Blueshift Cardano Native Token Campaign

The goal of Blueshift’s Cardano Native Token Campaign is to receive community direction and feedback as it attempts to create a Cardano Nonfungible Token portfolio that is inherently valuable, risk-averse, and representative of the best cryptocurrency projects on the Cardano blockchain. In short, it is attempting to create the purported “ideal” Cardano investment portfolio.

How Will The Campaign Be Judged?

The campaign will be judged by analyzing the social media engagement and feedback from Cardano and Blueshift community members. This will allow the greater Cardano community to directly influence which tokens will be added to the resulting portfolio.

Projects to be included in the Campaign will be suggested by community members and supplemented by recommendations from the Blueshift team. Once the social media engagement segment of the campaign has concluded, the Blueshift team will analyze the data and create a master Cardano Native Token portfolio based on the results. Basically, a directed but decentralized ideal Cardano investment portfolio will be created.

How Can You Vote For Your Favorite Cardano NFT Project?

Blueshift Cardano Native Token Campaign Vote
Blueshift Cardano Native Token Campaign – How To Vote

You can vote for your favorite Cardano Native Token project by engaging Blueshift social media posts highlighting the various Cardano projects that have been selected for inclusion in the Campaign. These posts will be made every two days beginning June 16 and will highlight some of the most popular Cardano projects currently in development.


The Blueshift Cardano Native Token Campaign intends to create an ideal portfolio that will provide guidance to new Cardano investors regarding which projects are more likely to survive in a field full of rug-pulls. It also hopes that the portfolio will provide liquidity to developing projects that deserve support.

It is important that a wide variety of Cardanians participate in this campaign to ensure that the resulting portfolio is a true representation of the desires of the community and not determined by a flurry of bots or overzealous project developers. We encourage you to go discuss and vote for your favorite Cardano Native Token Projects now and help them gain inclusion into the master portfolio.


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Hosky: Website
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